Maybe Justice Beaver (heh) wasn't talking about babies the way I talk about babies- but there's no denying that these can make all the girls cry, too!  (Well, at least three mommies.)

Keep watching for more newborn posts over the next few weeks- things are just heating up!  Remember, portrait packages make a great gift for the mommy who has it all- really! 

No, this is NOT a doll- just a very alert gorgeous baby girl!

Summer is winding down- now is a GREAT time to be thinking about family portraits- Christmas is coming, cards and gifts galore await you at Inspire Portrait!  Call today, spaces are filling up very very fast!!!
(406) 868-1663
I love summer sessions!
Aly is a lovely, lovely young woman.  She is everything a mom would want a daughter to be- cute, kind and generally a wonderful person!  Fly, Miss Aly- you are headed towards great things!
Oof.  Summer may be winding down, but in the portrait business we are in FULL swing!  Wheeee!  Here we go, kids- hang on, it's gonna be a bumpy and fun ride!
Here's something so so so cool!  This year the Great Falls Home Builders are doing something so cool and exclusive for the Parade of Homes- it's a whole new concept that's going to blow your minds!  For one night only you can have exclusive tours of five beautiful award-winning homes, nibble on special treats at each of the houses, then enjoy dinner at the Country Club while enjoying music by the Bend Willows Band!  Good food, great homes, hobnobbin' with a buncha cool folks?  Yeah, you can BET I will be there!

Here are 4 of the 5 homes featured on the tour.  If you need more information on this tour, call the Great Falls Home Builders Association at (406) 452-4663.  You do NOT want to miss this!

Uhhh, yeah, there's even a castle on the tour!!!

...and you might even see some cute baby deer! (We saw at least 4 sets of twins!)

Last night I got to run around town with Katie Hanning from the Great Falls Hombuilders association photographing 6 showcase houses for the VIP tour coming up on September 14th! Ya'all, this is gonna blow your mind! You do NOT want to miss this special version of the Home Tour- keep watching for details!!!
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Watch for new exciting images for the Great Falls Home-builders Association! (First MAJOR retouching on a commercial image- "landscaping" to follow!)
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(Sorry, the image quality is kinda crummy, but you get the jist.)

Busy busy blonde day yesterday!  I don't normally do three sessions in a day, but everything just shook down that way! Two seniors and one family- my soul was just filled up with happiness.  Three diverse fun sessions.  Here's a little teaser to tide my folks over- more to come another day!